• Turned Part Bearing Housing
    Turned Part Bearing Housing
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Special Bolt
    Special Bolt
  • Recangular U-Bolt
    Recangular U-Bolt
  • U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
    U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
  • U-Bolt
  • Special Heaxagon Head Screw
    Special Heaxagon Head Screw
  • Anchor hot dip galvanized
    Anchor hot dip galvanized
  • Turning Workpiece
    Turning Workpiece
  • Anchorscrew for Track Construction
    Anchorscrew for Track Construction
  • Drive Shaft
    Drive Shaft
  • Handle Bar
    Handle Bar
  • Screw Hook M20
    Screw Hook M20
  • Customized/Tailored Hook
    Customized/Tailored Hook
  • T-Bolt with Drilled Hole
    T-Bolt with Drilled Hole


At GS Befestigungstechnik you get for your safety the hightest quality abnormal and forged screws. Experiments are no solution for us.

Our products are manufactured of well-known structural steels in the range of ST 37 up to high-quality steel grade 12.9, stainless steels, brass and red brass. We are specialized in custom made / tailored screws. A general price list for custom made / tailored screws is not available; prices are provided on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us for technical support or any technical questions, we are very happy to support you.

Below you will find an overview of our products, which are being produced on our full-automatic wire bending and forming machine:

  • M4 up to M12
  • U-Bolt
  • Recangular U-Bolt
  • Threaded Part
  • Stair Bolt
  • Screw Bar or Eye Bolt
  • other abnormal screws


We are able to forge, cold or hot compress, cold or hot bending in the range from M16 up to M130, incl. all the associated mechanical rework processes.


Our Product Range consist of:


  • Foundation Screws of all kind
  • T-Bolt / Hammer-Head Bolt
  • Double End Studs
  • Welding Ends
  • Tie / Tension Rod for Seet Storage Halls
  • large / heavy Bearing Brackets for Bulk Conveyor Systems
  • Brake Leverage for Trailer Manufacturing
  • Anchor Bolt for Track Construction
  • Lockbolt for agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
  • Hexagon or Cylinder-Head Bolt with an without
  • Elongation Nuts in Special Sizes
  • Spindels with Trapezion Shape Thread or other Threads / Thread Designs
  • Lever / Crank
  • Griffe
  • Grips / Handles
  • Construction Screws
  • many more abnormal – DIN Screws
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U-Bolt / Rectangular U-Bolt

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