• Turned Part Bearing Housing
    Turned Part Bearing Housing
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Special Bolt
    Special Bolt
  • Recangular U-Bolt
    Recangular U-Bolt
  • U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
    U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
  • U-Bolt
  • Special Heaxagon Head Screw
    Special Heaxagon Head Screw
  • Anchor hot dip galvanized
    Anchor hot dip galvanized
  • Turning Workpiece
    Turning Workpiece
  • Anchorscrew for Track Construction
    Anchorscrew for Track Construction
  • Drive Shaft
    Drive Shaft
  • Handle Bar
    Handle Bar
  • Screw Hook M20
    Screw Hook M20
  • Customized/Tailored Hook
    Customized/Tailored Hook
  • T-Bolt with Drilled Hole
    T-Bolt with Drilled Hole

New Part Information

New innovated product


We are proudly presenting our new, innovative product in the range of fastening technology.


Initially, this "flattened" rectangular U-Bolt was developed specifically for the agricultural machinery industry where it is mainly used in applications / areas with maximum stress. This "flattened" rectangular U-Bolt is replacing the conventional rectangular U-Bolt made of round solid material.


Manufactured to the highest quality standards and tested by independent testing laboratory. We ensure our customers an implacable product. Please contact us! We are looking forward to provide a detailed quotation for you.


The picture shows "flattened" rectangular U-Bolt M16, 8.8, in raw and zinc-plated. Other surface treatments, such as e.g. a zinc flake coating are of cause also possible.



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