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  • Turned Part Bearing Housing
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Special Bolt
  • Recangular U-Bolt
  • U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
  • U-Bolt
  • Special Heaxagon Head Screw
  • Anchor hot dip galvanized
  • Turning Workpiece
  • Anchorscrew for Track Construction
  • Drive Shaft
  • Handle Bar
  • Screw Hook M20
  • Customized/Tailored Hook
  • T-Bolt with Drilled Hole

Inquiry U-Bolt / Rectangular U-Bolt

Please fill out the contact / inquiry form and enter the measurements you require.

For Your Information: 

  • The bolts are offered in thin shaft with rolled thread
  • Shaft made of solid material with cut thread available at extra cost •
  • Please provide information about surface finishing. All common surfaces / rust protection are possible, such as zinc-plated, yellow chromated, zinc flake coating, etc.


Please send us your request. We will immediately send a quotation.



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U-Bolt / Rectangular U-Bolt
We will gladly provide a detailed quotation.