• Turned Part Bearing Housing
    Turned Part Bearing Housing
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
    Flattened Recangular U-Bolt
  • Special Bolt
    Special Bolt
  • Recangular U-Bolt
    Recangular U-Bolt
  • U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
    U-Bolt used as Underride Guard
  • U-Bolt
  • Special Heaxagon Head Screw
    Special Heaxagon Head Screw
  • Anchor hot dip galvanized
    Anchor hot dip galvanized
  • Turning Workpiece
    Turning Workpiece
  • Anchorscrew for Track Construction
    Anchorscrew for Track Construction
  • Drive Shaft
    Drive Shaft
  • Handle Bar
    Handle Bar
  • Screw Hook M20
    Screw Hook M20
  • Customized/Tailored Hook
    Customized/Tailored Hook
  • T-Bolt with Drilled Hole
    T-Bolt with Drilled Hole

Zinc Flake Coating Spray

Zinc Flake Coating Spray LZ3000 is not comparable to conventional zinc powder paints. Zinc powder paints are more or less a durable color coating.

LZ 3000 silber is a high reactive spray based on zinc and aluminium flakes which are encased in an inorganic binder. This new generation of binders ensuring due to the valence bond of the lamellae, that a cathodic protection as in electrodeposited layers is effective.

It is sufficient if LZ 3000 Silber is thin and evenly applied. According to DIN EN ISO 9227, a salt spray resistance is achieved of 480-720 hrs with 6-10 my and 720-1500 hrs. with 10-16 my. For comparison, a steel-zinc primer reaches about 200-250 hours.

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U-Bolt / Rectangular U-Bolt

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